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About Us

Ricacorp Tenancy Management was established to provide professional tenancy management services to our clients. Our team is comprised of experienced staffs in tenancy management, General Practice Surveyors and Building Surveyors. Landlords, who are busy or staying overseas, could receive return on investment without worrying about cumbersome tenancy matters.

Our Services


We believed that maintaining a good relationship with the Tenant will ensure better successful rate of renewal. We also dedicate to provide a high-standard of living environment so as to attract high-quality Tenant. Periodic inspection and preventive maintenance will also be arranged.

Tenancy Management

Apart from issuing rental debit note and receipts, we would keep a good record of all tenancy matters. When a dispute arises between the Landlord and the Tenant, we would manage the conflict and arrange necessary actions in pursuing outstanding rent or other payments.

Repair Works Supervision

With gathering separate quotations, we would appoint and monitor qualified contractors to maintenance and repair. Our team would also provide advices on asset enhancement and assist in handling building orders.